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How rich & smart are you?

 All praises belong to God lord of the worlds

Yesterday I was pondering this verse it’s so profound!

God does not just say he is the lord and stop there. In Arabic the word lord رب rubb anyone can be a lord.

I could say أنا رب ألمنزل  ana rubbul manzil meaning I am the lord of the house meaning it’s my house.

God is not just lord and stop there he clarifies further stating he is the lord of all the worlds.

I used to think the worlds as just the various different planets in the universe, but there is world within our bodies within our cells, each of us lives in our own world as we experience life, there is a world within which bacteria live.  The football world, the political world, the academic world. God is the owner of all these worlds including the digital world we now see developing on our screens. He is the lord owner of all of this.

I used to pass verses that relate to God owning all the time and not reflect on them at all until yesterday.

To God belongs all that is in the heavens and the earth.

Us humans we love to boast and show off to others about what we own, fancy houses, car job etc. We can even become arrogant about what we have, and can do not realizing that what we have is a gift from God which can be taken away.

No matter how much a person may own, how powerful they maybe it will never equal even the size of an atom compared to all that God owns. One of the names of God is ألغنى al ghanni (the rich one)

Some people also love boasting about what they can do with regard to special skills they have speaking a language, martial arts computer knowledge or have smart and clever they are. They risk losing their abilities.

Remember when you are arrogant you are

God talks about what he can do which no human can match

Who has created the seven heavens one above another, you can see no fault in the creations of the Most Beneficent. Then look again: “Can you see any faults?”

Then look again and yet again, your sight will return to you in a state of humiliation and worn out.

All these verses of God’s ownership and God’s power is a reminder to us to be humble and not forget his majesty magnificence which can be witnessed by observing nature.

Remember when you are arrogant you are  risking losing all you have and can do. And instead if you are grateful he will give you more.

Being grateful always leads to receiving more. How?

If a person gives you a present and you thank then really really sincerely showing it. Will they feel like giving you more?

Imagine in front of that same person you display arrogance and start boasting about the gift you received are they likely to feel like giving you more gifts in the future?

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Author of Get Fluent In Arabic




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Visualize and it can materialize

Can how you see yourself affect how well you speak Arabic or any language?

I don’t know what it is but for some reason at the time I speak any language my first language English or Arabic if I don’t see myself as artculate intelligence and I feel nervous then start stuttering or i speak to low or too fast and not clearly enough.

Around certain teachers I felt confident to speak Arabic. Around others I was a nervous wreck. Fumbling around to utter one word. It’s a horrible feeling when you’re not confident at an interview, or any type of oral examination.

But it’s all in our head. Caused by exaggerated fear.

All it takes is for you to start seeing yourself as a articulate speaker and you’ll see the huge change this brings. You’ll speak slower and clearer.

Here’s a simple solution that works with me.
Before the event visualize the conversation going well.

Just close your eyes and imagine yourself speaking really well. See yourself laughing in Arabic with the other person. Picture yourself speaking with composure.

Picture the other person being impressed with your level of Arabic.

We are always visualizing things. Everytime we think we have an image in our head. When an idea pops into our head we see it as an image. Even words and numbers are pictured as images in our heads.

When we think of bad things happening we have an image of that bad thing. That’s visualizing.

Try and think of anything and you’ll see that an image is what pops into your mind when the thought comes to you.

Think of your house, your car, your parents, your spouse I’m sure an image will pop into your head as you think of them.

Spend five to ten minutes visualizing positive qualities you want in yourself. It’s relaxing powerful and works. Thanks to the book the Secret I’ve only recently discovered this amazing tool. Replace negative thoughts (negative visualization) and replace them with positive thoughts (positive visualization) as best you can.

Start to see yourself with all the positive qualities and act as if you already have them. Ibnul Quyyum in his book Patience and gratitude said to develop patience start acting as if you already are.

Thank you for reading this blog Please share it if you liked it 🙂


Author of Get Fluent In Arabic

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I’m Lost!


You’re going abroad to study Arabic you have you have planned everyhing you need, as you know you’ll be there for a good few months. We pack and prepare every thing we need.

Question:What have you prepared and planned for your studies for your stay abroad?
Dum Dum Dum. I’ve seen people plan for the wedding but not the marriage.
Planning for getting to hajj but not the actual hajj itself.

Time is wasted trying to figure out how to have a great marriage, how to make the most of hajj how to learn Arabic when we find ourselves in the situation.

We need to remember to plan for the long term instead of just planning for one day wedding, getting to Hajj, getting to our Arabic speaking country and other one event.

For your Arabic read my blog on my plan to fluency and following the process  as well as Get Fluent In Arabic

An amazing system to learn Arabic is a program called Rocket Arabic I recently discovered

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Goal Setting Can Change Your Life

Rocket Arabic's Amazing Award winning system

Rocket Arabic’s Amazing Award winning program

I have to admit in 2008 when I came across the concept of goal setting it changed my life for the better.

Some of you have probably heard this before but for those of you who have not please set your goals.

Why You Need Goals? 

They’ll push you to achieve things you’ve never done.

Reduce depression. One cause of depression is having nothing to do. Ask yourself what you want and set that as your goal. Don’t be happy with working so you can pay your bills set higher goals. Such as investing, going on family holidays.

Reduce regret You really don’t wana look back at your life and wonder what you did with it. Aim for nothing and you’ll hit it everytime.

Feel great Everyday set yourself one or two small goals that help you achieve the big goal. You’ll feel a sense of achievement. Set your goals the night before.

Eliminates confusion I’ve come across many people who are wandering around lost, confused as to what to do with their life. By simply asking yourself what you want from life and writing all your wants as a list and setting them as goals you’ve now given yourself a purpose and solved the problem of feeling confused.

Keep a diary At the end of each day write down what you achieved and account yourself for the time you’ve been given. This will help you analyze how you spend your days which will help you see how you spend your life. I used to not use a diary on my free days off from work I’d feel terrible for not accomplishing anything. A direct result of not setting goals and keeping a diary to keep track of time. By not setting my goals on my days off from work. This meant having empty time doing nothing. Which lead to doing nothing.

The time would end up being filled up with useless activity such as spending hours on end browsing through my phone doing nothing. It’s actually one of the biggest time suckers! If you’re gonna browse through your phone ask yourself why you’re doing it? What are you gonna achieve by doing it?

Since 2013 I’ve really started to take goal setting seriously and have achieved more in my life such as finding my wife, writing books, travelling and more than I did in the previous 20 years of my life.

Goals are things you want in your life. A spouse, car, home, financial success, a language you wana learn.

Get a pen write down your goals and then identify one step you can take and commit to taking one small step everyday.

Remember everything you have achieved in your life came as a result of setting it as a goal. Whether it be exam grades or otherwise. Everything has a goal a purpose the cells organs in your body to video games. What’s your goals?

“Give me a stock clerk with a goal and I’ll give you a man who will make history. Give me a man with no goals and I’ll give you a stock clerk.” ~ J.C. Penney

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Learning vocabulary lists or sentences to speak Arabic

 testimony image

Out of two which one are you doing? Learning memorizing a list of vocabulary or memorizing sentences?

A mistake that I made whilst in London was going through a random list of vocabulary and trying to memorize it like I’d do for an exam.

If you’ve read Get Fluent In Arabic I mentioned why this does not work and why you need to focus on learning sentences. The words soon start fluttering out of your memory. You think that there’s something wrong with your memory but trust me there isn’t. Focus on learning and memorizing sentences and not words by themselves unless it’s the odd word.

Below are some short sentences you may use in your time learning Arabic abroad  I’ve tried to make them as short as possible for easy memorization

انا متزوج ana matazawij I am married

أشعر با لملل ashuru bil malal I feel bored

بكم هذا becum hasa (how much is this)

فقدت هاتفى faqatu hatifi I’ve lost my phone

اكره هذا ikrahu hasa  I hate this

لا أثق به la athiqu bihi I don’t trust him

في أحلامك fi ahlaamick in your dreams

أعطينى فرصة aathini farsa give me a chance

هذا رائح hasa raaih this is amazing

هل أنت متأكد hal anta mutakid are you sure

لست متأكدا lastu mutaikidun I’m not sure

أحتاج ألى ألوظيفة Ahtaju ilal wathizfa I need a job

أحبك من أعماق قلبى uhibuki min aamaaki qalbi I love you from the depths of my heart (score brownie points with your spouse

سأرسل اليك رسالة نصية saursilu ilyk risalatun nasiyah I’ll send you a text message

أريد أن أستخدم ألشبكة ألدولية uridu an istakdima ash shabakah adowliyah (when you go into the internet cafe)

أريد منديل, و خبز uridu mindeel wa khubz I want tissue and bread (when at grocery)

أين ألمستشفى, ألحمام aynal Mustashfa hamaam where is the hospital

thank you for reading this 🙂


Author Of Get Fluent In Arabic

Award Winning Arabic Learning System

Award Winning Arabic Learning System

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How We Create Our Future?

Let every soul look to what he has sent forth for tomorrow. Surah Hashr

How do you understand this verse?

For me I see this verse as an explanation of how we create our future. From this verse we learn we create our future by what we do today.

Our future Health is dependent on what we eat and how much we exercise today. Our exam results are created by what we do today in terms of revision today.

Our present situation is a result of what we have done in the past.

We can change it by changing what we do today.
Knowing this we can see how powerful this verse is.

If we want to create the future we want we do it by our actions today.   🙂

thank you please reshare if you liked this.


(Author Of Get Fluent In Arabic)

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Love loyalty to God Vs Humans

Which makes more sense? Showing love, loyalty dedication to God or to humans?

I watched man on tv work sixty hours a week for two years on end showing his love dedication, loyalty to a major corporation.

He’d sacrifice seeing his family, spouse children just to serve his company.

Imagine this guy dedicated his heart soul energy time everything he had to the company. He showed so much love to the company. His whole life was dedicated to the company.

He would spend his weekends, even bring his work home all for the company.

He would not see his kids perform in school play,  for the company. He’d missed out on his children growing up. All for the company.

The end result: The company broke their promise of promoting him. In fact they went one step further they made him redundant as they shipped his job abroad.

He was furious and started to remind the company of the long overtime hours he had done over the last few years.

He reminded the company of how many things he had sacrificed all for the company. All those evenings weekends, hours spent serving the company turned to dust.

All that running around getting to work, meetings, planning meetings, nothing but DUST.

On the otherside the hours you spend serving God, late into the night, loving him remembering him, it’s all recorded AND rewarded.

Every small thing the man did for the company. FORGOTTEN. Why? Well coz humans forget.

Every small thing you do for God, like giving someone water, removing something from the road for the safety of others, it’s all recorded never forgetten never unrewarded! He appreciates everything you do.

So ask yourself this, does it make sense to carry on running around to make other human beings happy?

We should be careful in not placing our love, dedication, admiration, loyalty to other humans beings and risk receiving betrayal as a result.

Your company DOES NOT love you. It only NEEDS you. God does NOT need you but he LOVES you.

Thank you for reading 🙂 if you liked the blog please reshare


Author of Get Fluent In Arabic

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How Far Have You Progressed?

Are you measuring your Progress on a quarterly basis? This is vital especially if you’re studying Arabic privately with a private tutor. You need to know how well you’re doing and have set goals for weaknesses you need to work on. The biggest trap with private tuition is the amount of lessons you do just drag on. You end up looking back counting the number of lessons and either you’re not sure if you’re progressing or you feel you are progressing very slowly. What’s a simple solution Make Goals. I mentioned previously each lesson you have should have a goal clearly outlined by the teacher at the beginning. But you need to have a progress report too. Otherwise how will you know how well you’re doing?

Below is a sample I use for my students.  Notice the personal targets for improvement section involves focusing on improving all four language skills as opposed to focussing on one or two. Finally a date must be set for the next review.In the next review the teacher should see if you have achieved the targets they set in the personal targets section.

If this does not happen during private tuition then you run the risk of spending months and months feeling like you’re just turning up to lessons without feeling like you’re progressing.

Please feel free to copy paste and create your own progress report and give to your teacher to fill up if they do not use one.

Student progress report

Name Of Student:


Development Listening Skills: 
Development of Writing using grammar, balagha, expressions:
Development Of Reading   :
Development Of Speaking (using grammar, pronunciation, fluency:

Development of grammar:

Development of Balagha:

Exam Results

Written exam (out of x marks)

Oral/reading assessment(out of x marks)

Listening assessment (out of x marks)

Teacher assessment (out of x marks)


Personal Targets For Improvement (Example below)

  1. Making it a habit to listen every day for 3o mins.
  2. Go on to Arabic speaking websites and speak to either arabs or people learning Arabic.(once a week)
  3. Daily Read 30 minutes Arabic material of your choice talk about it in class
  4. 30 minutes a week engaged in create writing (short story) (essay)

Summary comments

Date of next review:

Thank you for reading this blog


Author Of Get Fluent In Arabic

end of term

Me and my cute students in China

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Interview at Sabina reads video to be uploaded soon

Salam alaikum,

thank you to Sabina at Sabina reads really enjoyed the interview. The video should be uploaded soon.

below is the manuscript

Salam alaikum,

my guest today is a teacher and author of Get Fluent In Arabic. He spent the best part a year or so learning Arabic abroad in Egypt.

below is an interview between myself and Shajahan Author of Get Fluent In Arabic. Check it out below.

Salam alaikum Shajahan

Welcome to Sabina reads

Walaikum salam Sabina thank you

1.What made you wana learn Arabic? 
Well, I’ve gotta say  Once I thought to myself wow I read the Quran daily and yet do not understand a word of it. Yet I understand every other book that I’ve read in my life. But the one book I read on a daily basis- I have no understanding of. That’s when I made the decision to learn Arabic.

2.Now you learned Arabic in Egypt what challenges did you face living there and learning Arabic?
I’d say just adjusting to a totally different environment. I remember how much homesick I felt during my first month away from the UK. The weather was a huge challenge for me as a British person I’m used to cold British weather, I got severe case of food poisoning the first month. But I feel like any challenge that you face whilst learning Arabic or anything else in life leads to either two results. One the challenges expose your lack of desire for what you want and you quit. Or two they strengthen your desire to succeed more. For me they only made me more determined for success.

3.Was there any point during your stay in Egypt where you wanted to quit? 
I’d say after seven months I really thought of quitting. I had failed my level seven mid term exam at Fajr center.The thought of re-taking the level was unthinkable to me.
Thankfully I scored 77 out of 80 in my final exams which was just about enough to pass to the next level.

4.What would you have done had you failed? 
I was so determined to succeed failure was not an option for me.

5.What motivated you to write your excellent book Get Fluent In Arabic?
I used to wonder why so many students took so many years to learn Arabic. Is there a faster way to learn? I mean who has got the time nowadays to spend years and years learning one language?
During my studies and through my mentor Mohammed Amin I had learned some really important techniques to learn Arabic faster and thought hey why not make a book so that people can benefit through my knowledge and experience in years to come. I want people to know that learning Arabic is not hard if you know how to learn it.

6.So explain what is the language quadrant you talk about in your book?
The language quadrant explains how we naturally learn any language and I mean any language. Before we can speak any language we must have listened to the language first.
Can you give an example?

Sure if I said to you ما اسمك first time round you would not understand what I’m saying right? But If i repeated the sentence in a question tone and then pointed to myself stating my name Shajahan you’d know instantly that it means what’s your name?
Now you’ve heard the language you’ve understood it and can now speak that same sentence when you meet an Arab and ask them for their name. But all that would not be possible without you listening to the language first.

That’s why we say you pick up a language by living in a country which speaks it. That’s because you are constantly hearing and listening to the language being spoken. That’s how we pick up a language by listening to it spoken. Kids learn rude language by listening to it too.

7.What did you mean when you wrote a language is a skill and grammar is knowledge?
Well the language quadrant explains that all languages consist of four skills listening, speaking, reading and writing. A lot of people including myself make the mistake that fluency is based upon how much grammar you know. I can assure you it’s not.
Fluency is how comfortably I can listen understand a language when it’s spoken, speak it read it and write it without having to ask the person to repeat what they said, or in the case of speaking stuttering and using um a lot when I speak. In the case of reading having to re-read the sentence I read.
I mean I’m a fluent speaker of English. I’m a native. But I bet you there are tons of non-natives out there who can correct my grammar coz they know way more grammar than me. But their fluency in English very likely may be lacking.
Right interesting. What you’re basically saying is you can’t learn a language through reading books?
Exactly. I mean I don’t care how many grammar books you read you’ll never learn to listen, speak and write the language through books. Grammar you can learn very quickly through books coz it’s a knowledge. The four language skills take hours on end of practice to reach a high fluency level because like any other skill in life they take time to develop.

8.What advice would you give to students who want to learn Arabic like yourself? 
Be prepared to make mistakes. The more mistakes you make the faster you’ll learn. Have a learning plan and set a deadline.

9.What’s the importance of setting a deadline?
Well Parkinson’s law states the more time you give yourself to do something the more time you’ll take to do it. I guess this answers the question as to why people take so many years to learn Arabic.
The less time you give yourself the faster you’ll move. With me I gave myself one year to learn Arabic abroad. It took me one year and four months. Imagine how long it would have taken if I had given myself a few years.

10.In 2014 you moved to China to stay there for a year what was that about? 
Well China is an exciting place where Arabic teachers are needed. Alot of people were baffled why I chose to move to China. For me I’d learn a lot more  being in a country that does not speak the langauge I speak, different religion, different culture, habits. I’m actually gonna write a blog on my lessons and travels in China soon inshallah.

So your book Get Fluent In Arabic which teaches people how to learn Arabic faster is on amazon right? 
Yeah that’s right

Well thank you Shajahan so much for joining me and I hope we can do this again sometime.
Thank you Sabina it’s been fun. and thank you for telling me about the book The Secret

no problem.
Wasalam alaikum

walaikum salam