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Four Ways To Learn Arabic Online

Sometimes doing the simplest of things leads to achieving greater results. Below are four simple ways all beginner can up their Arabic.


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Eating Healthy Whilst Learning Arabic Abroad

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Ever been to a foreign country and found your healthy diet goes out the window?

I learned to speak basic Arabic before moving abroad to Egypt but I realize I should have learned the names of such essential foods. Especially if you live in an area where little to no English is spoken

For the first two weeks of my stay my diet consisted of snickers for breakfast mcdonalds for lunch and dinner simply because this was so  easily accessible.

Knowing the names of foods becomes really convenient when you order your food over the phone for home delivery.

May I suggest you read one of the great books by Ibnul Quyyum Medicine of the prophet

In this book it’s mentioned some essential foods that if taken on a weekly basis at least ten of them then your health should remain with you whilst you living abroad studying Arabic.

Whilst abroad teaching Arabic in China I learned to snack on fruit instead of junk food. I wish all countries had fruit and fruit vending machines readily available at their airports instead of junk.

Some  students return back to their home countries due to constant and extreme sickness. One factor is their unhealthy eating. One of the students I was living with consumed to cans of Pepsi daily along with Mcdonalds and KFC daily. It’s not surprise why he returned home after a few months complaining of sickness.

You’ll get full faster. Be able to concentrate more and of course feel healthy.  Eating Sugary things will affect your level of concentration when preparing for an exam.

Here’s a great health tip. If you like stocking up food stock up healthy food ONLY!

If you’re like me who every know and again likes to get up and snack on food, imagine if you’re freezer and cupboards are dominated by and full of fruit and vegetables.

Drinking Pepsi and seven up was a serious disaster for me. How do you stop?

Replace it with blender juice

Get a blender and dump some fruit and Voila! Delicious healthy drink.

خلاط khalaat is the Arabic word for blender

Below are some basic necessary healthy foods we all must consume.

تمر tamr dates ‘‘ a house without dates is a hungry house’’

موز mowz bananas

تفاح tuhaaf apples

فراولة farawilah excellent to put on a plate and snack whilst watching tv instead of crisps

برتقال bortugaal oranges

طماطم thamatam tomatoes (almost sounds similar to the English equivalent right?)

عسلasl honey (excellent to use with black lemon tea instead of sugar)

عنبenub grapes

the above are not meals but they are non the less essential

Learn the essential  foods then move onto the more complicated foods

Lastly the key to eating healthy is NOT cutting down on bad food you like eating but replacing it with other healthier food you enjoy. If you enjoy the junk food you’ll keep eating it. But if you find healthy food you enjoy you’ll start eating that instead. Finally Eating healthily is not just important it your bodies right. A wise man once said ”your body has a right over you.”

Thank you for reading this blog please share it if you found it useful 🙂


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Keep Going!

Some of you maybe able to relate to this.

Some days went by and I felt like I was making no progress in my Arabic.

when I’d listen to or read something in Arabic. Other days I would jump from elation upon learning a new phrase, a new word, understand a book or an article more.

It was like a day of progress and days of no progress and even some days of forgetting things and going backwards.

Doubts started creeping into my mind. Can I really learn this language or is it beyond me?

Don’t give up. If you’re already halfway on your journey you might as well carry on right?

Just Keep Going!

Thank you 🙂


Happy marriage tips

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Where do you wana go in your life?

Aim for nothing and you’ll hit it every time. Aim low and you’ll hit it every time too.

Aiming low is a serious problem.

I know many people who aim to ‘‘get married.’’ They set that as a goal.

What’s wrong with this?

If that’s what you aim for (bare minimum) that’s all you may get. You may get married but then not enjoy married life. Because you made it your sole aim to only get married.

You must make it an aim to get married AND have a wonderful relationship.

Many people make the mistake of doing the right things at beginning of the marriage. Such as listening, being courteous, not being selfish, respect putting food in eachother’s mouths etc. But as marriage goes on they stop doing this.

This is suicide. Just because you cleaned the house last week does not you don’t do it this week.

Marriage is like a house you need to do things on a weekly/daily basis to maintain OR watch it die.

People make the mistake of doing things temporarily.

That’s why they go on crash diets. They make the intention to temporarily eat healthy to enjoy health. WRONG! You need to make the intention to eat healthy for the rest of your life to enjoy a lifetime of good health. And for your marriage you need to do things for the rest of the married life to enjoy a good marriage. It all starts with the power of intention. Change your intention to do things for a temporary basis to permanent. The prophet said the most beloved of good deeds are those that are done on a consistent basis. These are the most effective deeds.

Think about it. If you regularly played with your spouse, (families that play together stay together) laughed with your spouse,treated your spouse, hugged them, showed them kindness regularly your marriage would be much better than someone who set out to ‘‘just get married.’’

Sit down with yourself write down on paper actions you can do regularly on a weekly basis that will help the marriage.

Here’s a few (what a husband can do as I am a husband)

  • Lunchbreak call her and ask how is her day going (LISTEN) Say you’ve been thinking about her.
  • Hug daily
  • Kiss your wife bye before you go work.
  • Lie in bed and talk
  • Go for romantic night walks
  • Book restaurant and go on a date
  • Send her a text saying I love you

Don’t expect your wife to To stay indoors All Day

1400 years ago there was nothing much to do in Saudi Arabia and hijabi women under such roasting heat would easily be able to stay indoors.

But if you live in a western country and expect her to stay in doors with so many things to do outside you are not being realistic. It’s not fair you can carry on going out with your friends whilst she is stuck at home becoming part of the furniture. I believe brothers are more insecure and do not trust their wives as a reason to not let their wives have freedom. Marriage is based upon trust and if there is no trust then there is no marriage.

She needs to either be working or studying because unlike us men women cannot sit and do nothing all day.

She could work three days a week 20 – 24 hours a week. If she’s ok to share the expenses with you this can allow you to work part-time too so you can both work part-time to earn a full-time salary. She is less likely to complain about you not spending enough time together.

Also since she has something to look forward to (work) she will be less reliant on you for entertainment as her mind is being stimulated.

Quality time Vs Quantity time

You could have the whole day off be at home. But not have spent quality time together.

You need to be physically present and mentally present doing something together playing a game, talking at a cafe etc. This means TURN OFF THAT PHONE!

Before getting married. Don’t just plan the wedding. Plan how to make the marriage successful.

A happy marriage happy wife can be the catalyst behind learning Arabic, financial or any success you achieve in your life.

Marriage is supposed to be beneficial for both parties. What is your spouse getting out of being married to you? What are you bringing to the marriage apart from paying the bills?

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