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What’s the path to success?


What’s the path of success look like to learn Arabic fluently?

The diagram on the left is what I thought successfully learning Arabic would be like.

Many students also believe that learning Arabic will be one straight line up of progress.

The second diagram shows the true reality for the path of success.
When many students realize learning Arabic is not like the first diagram many start to become disheartened and eventually quit.

On your path there are many challenges you will face

Such as

Sickness which means missing lessons
Bad teachers
Failing your exam and having to redo the level
Days you doubt your ability to learn Arabic
Days you feel like you’re not progressing at all
Days you feel you’re going backwards in your progress.
Days you’ll read a page in Arabic and realize you have not understood a word.
Not understanding grammar
Struggling to adjust to the foreign country you are learning Arabic
You’ll wake up some days not motivated

One of the biggest challenges you may face will be self doubt.

The setbacks you will face may very likely cause you to doubt your ability to learn Arabic.

So how do you keep the faith?

By staying active daily in your pursuit of your goal for fluency in Arabic. Everyday you should spend time in activities that will help you get closer to your goal. Such as listening to things in Arabic, talking online to other Arabic speakers etc.
For a list of what activities you can do daily please refer to my language plan.

The reason for staying active daily makes you feel that you are progressing gradually.

You become by what you think, say and do daily.


So as long as you are taking action daily then well done and rest assured you will reach your target.

Each challenge is a test of your mental strength and the strength of your desire to learn Arabic

So keep active daily and you can do it!

Thank you 🙂


author of Get Fluent In Arabic

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كيف تكون أكثر انتاجا؟ (How To be more productive)

أما أن تستخدم وقتك ألفارغ والا سيمربك

Either you use your free time or it will pass you by

Use your free time before you become busy – Prophet Mohammed

One of the key ways to get ahead in your Arabic and life is really looking at how we spend your free time.

1.Keep your curtains open

Worse feeling in the world for me is to wake up 11:30 in the morning knowing the whole day has passed me by.

I hated when this happened on my weekends off from Arabic college.

So keep your curtains open and not closed. The sun will wake you up. Position your bed so the sun light is directly in your face.  Richard Branson did this to get up earlier so it must work. My tip make sure your bed ain’t too comfy coz then you are more likely to laze about and wana stay lying in.

2.Plan your day and tasks/goals the night before

I felt horrible when my weekend finished knowing I had not accomplished anything ما أنجزت شىء ma anjastu shayun

Set at least two goals for the day that will affect your Arabic get a diary and write them down in Arabic.

Also list the daily tasks you need to do for the day.

Notice I used the words tasks and goals separately. I think goals are things that you wana achieve such as, getting the job you wanted, writing a book, learning Arabic etc setting up your business.

Tasks are the mundane things you gotta do as necessities

like paying the bills, emptying the bin getting groceries. They are not achievements.

In your daily diary make sure you have at least two goals daily.

Goals are related to your spiritual, social (marriage relationships,) financial, health development

3.Travel the country using Arabic

I had a friend of mine who went travelling around Egypt with his English speaking friends. The problem with this is they all spoke English. Everyday he’d go out and chill with them. He traveled around various cities in Egypt with his friends.

In ten months he got up to level 5 of the Fajr center. He should have gone up to level nine or ten but he sadly made this mistake.By all means travel. Best is to travel by yourself so you can speak Arabic all the time with locals, or take an Arabic speaking friend. Please don’t take an English speaking friend with you.

Here’s an amazing tip to develop your speaking in Arabic

You know how people when they travel around countries and they shoot videos of themselves whilst they walk the streets. They commentate on what they see, their experiences, they make comments like this place is dirty, or things are noisy here. Like a video vlog. Why not do this in Arabic? If you’re camera shy just show the place and record your voice. You could turn the videos into travel diaries. You’ll be speaking Arabic all the time and be training yourself to think and speak Arabic. I just thought of this whilst writing this blog post LOL. You know what? Ditch the Arabic speaking friend idea. All you need is your phone camera your voice and live your adventures and record them in Arabic. Wow technology is so amazing!

4.Interview others for your vlog I wish smartphones were more widespread in 2008 when I went. Why not interview other locals in Arabic. If it’s local business just say هذا تسويق تجارتك hasa tasweeku tijaaratik this is marketing your business

5.Listen to Arabic on your way to and from places or waiting for bus, doctor etc download u tube vids onto your phone if you won’t have any internet when you leave home

6.Move time 7 minutes forward if you are like me سيد دقيقة الاخيرة syed dakikatul akhira (mr Last minute) who tries to make it to Arabic lessons at the last minute you need this.

Move the time on your phone wrist watch all clocks in your house forward by seven minutes. You’ll hurry hurry like you normally do but forget that you have a spare seven minutes. You should be able to make it to your classes with five to six minutes to spare.

For More productivity tips check out How To Be Productive & Achieve Your Dreams

How to be productive Jpg

Thank you for reading this blog post 🙂 liked it? share it with your friends


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Four Ways To Learn Arabic Online

Sometimes doing the simplest of things leads to achieving greater results. Below are four simple ways all beginner can up their Arabic.


Thank you

اراك لاحقا araka laahiqkan

see you later






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Eating Healthy Whilst Learning Arabic Abroad

images (2)
Ever been to a foreign country and found your healthy diet goes out the window?

I learned to speak basic Arabic before moving abroad to Egypt but I realize I should have learned the names of such essential foods. Especially if you live in an area where little to no English is spoken

For the first two weeks of my stay my diet consisted of snickers for breakfast mcdonalds for lunch and dinner simply because this was so  easily accessible.

Knowing the names of foods becomes really convenient when you order your food over the phone for home delivery.

May I suggest you read one of the great books by Ibnul Quyyum Medicine of the prophet

In this book it’s mentioned some essential foods that if taken on a weekly basis at least ten of them then your health should remain with you whilst you living abroad studying Arabic.

Whilst abroad teaching Arabic in China I learned to snack on fruit instead of junk food. I wish all countries had fruit and fruit vending machines readily available at their airports instead of junk.

Some  students return back to their home countries due to constant and extreme sickness. One factor is their unhealthy eating. One of the students I was living with consumed to cans of Pepsi daily along with Mcdonalds and KFC daily. It’s not surprise why he returned home after a few months complaining of sickness.

You’ll get full faster. Be able to concentrate more and of course feel healthy.  Eating Sugary things will affect your level of concentration when preparing for an exam.

Here’s a great health tip. If you like stocking up food stock up healthy food ONLY!

If you’re like me who every know and again likes to get up and snack on food, imagine if you’re freezer and cupboards are dominated by and full of fruit and vegetables.

Drinking Pepsi and seven up was a serious disaster for me. How do you stop?

Replace it with blender juice

Get a blender and dump some fruit and Voila! Delicious healthy drink.

خلاط khalaat is the Arabic word for blender

Below are some basic necessary healthy foods we all must consume.

تمر tamr dates ‘‘ a house without dates is a hungry house’’

موز mowz bananas

تفاح tuhaaf apples

فراولة farawilah excellent to put on a plate and snack whilst watching tv instead of crisps

برتقال bortugaal oranges

طماطم thamatam tomatoes (almost sounds similar to the English equivalent right?)

عسلasl honey (excellent to use with black lemon tea instead of sugar)

عنبenub grapes

the above are not meals but they are non the less essential

Learn the essential  foods then move onto the more complicated foods

Lastly the key to eating healthy is NOT cutting down on bad food you like eating but replacing it with other healthier food you enjoy. If you enjoy the junk food you’ll keep eating it. But if you find healthy food you enjoy you’ll start eating that instead. Finally Eating healthily is not just important it your bodies right. A wise man once said ”your body has a right over you.”

Thank you for reading this blog please share it if you found it useful 🙂


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Expressing emotions in Arabic

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One of the main reasons why people don’t feel comfortable speaking Arabic is because they feel like they cannot express themselves. They really wana express their emotions and as a beginner they cannot do that in Arabic. So what do they do? They resort to using their mother tongue. Which is a big mistake.

So I below are a few emotions you can express in Arabic.

لا أصد ق la usadiq I don’t believe it

لا أعتقد ذلك la aatiqidu zaaliq I don’t think so

يقودنى الى ألجنون yaqoodini ilal junoon it/he is driving me mad (You gonna need use this lol)

أنا قلق ana qaliqun I’m worried

هذا مضحك hasa mudhiq this is funny

أنا آسف ana aasif I’m sorry

أنا متضايق ana mutadwayiq I’m annoyed

أنا غضبان  ana gatbaan I’m angry

أشعر بالوحدة ashuro bil wahdah I feel lonely

أشعر بلاحباط  ashuro bil ihbaat I feel frustrated

انا أمزح ana amzah I’m joking

Being able to express your emotions in Arabic is definitely key to speaking it more often.

Try to learn as many words sentences involving  expressing your emotions and the language will feel less alien to you. If you don’t know the Arabic word for the exact emotion you are feeling then just describe it no matter how long it takes. Using your native tongue won’t help you at all.

hope you found this post beneficial

Wasalam and keep practicing 🙂


Author of Get Fluent In Arabic 



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Keep Going!

Some of you maybe able to relate to this.

Some days went by and I felt like I was making no progress in my Arabic.

when I’d listen to or read something in Arabic. Other days I would jump from elation upon learning a new phrase, a new word, understand a book or an article more.

It was like a day of progress and days of no progress and even some days of forgetting things and going backwards.

Doubts started creeping into my mind. Can I really learn this language or is it beyond me?

Don’t give up. If you’re already halfway on your journey you might as well carry on right?

Just Keep Going!

Thank you 🙂

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How rich & smart are you?

 All praises belong to God lord of the worlds

Yesterday I was pondering this verse it’s so profound!

God does not just say he is the lord and stop there. In Arabic the word lord رب rubb anyone can be a lord.

I could say أنا رب ألمنزل  ana rubbul manzil meaning I am the lord of the house meaning it’s my house.

God is not just lord and stop there he clarifies further stating he is the lord of all the worlds.

I used to think the worlds as just the various different planets in the universe, but there is world within our bodies within our cells, each of us lives in our own world as we experience life, there is a world within which bacteria live.  The football world, the political world, the academic world. God is the owner of all these worlds including the digital world we now see developing on our screens. He is the lord owner of all of this.

I used to pass verses that relate to God owning all the time and not reflect on them at all until yesterday.

To God belongs all that is in the heavens and the earth.

Us humans we love to boast and show off to others about what we own, fancy houses, car job etc. We can even become arrogant about what we have, and can do not realizing that what we have is a gift from God which can be taken away.

No matter how much a person may own, how powerful they maybe it will never equal even the size of an atom compared to all that God owns. One of the names of God is ألغنى al ghanni (the rich one)

Some people also love boasting about what they can do with regard to special skills they have speaking a language, martial arts computer knowledge or have smart and clever they are. They risk losing their abilities.

Remember when you are arrogant you are

God talks about what he can do which no human can match

Who has created the seven heavens one above another, you can see no fault in the creations of the Most Beneficent. Then look again: “Can you see any faults?”

Then look again and yet again, your sight will return to you in a state of humiliation and worn out.

All these verses of God’s ownership and God’s power is a reminder to us to be humble and not forget his majesty magnificence which can be witnessed by observing nature.

Remember when you are arrogant you are  risking losing all you have and can do. And instead if you are grateful he will give you more.

Being grateful always leads to receiving more. How?

If a person gives you a present and you thank then really really sincerely showing it. Will they feel like giving you more?

Imagine in front of that same person you display arrogance and start boasting about the gift you received are they likely to feel like giving you more gifts in the future?

Thank you and please share this if you liked it. 🙂


Author of Get Fluent In Arabic





The Power Of Desire

What is the ultimate secret to achieving any goal?

I believe it’s found in the statement that flashed in my head when I desperately needed to  pass my final exams.

اذا أراد ألانسان شئ لن يوقفه شئ

if a person wants something badly enough nothing will stop them.

This burning desire will carry you to achieve the goal when you face obstacle. Where others will give up because their desire is not strong enough yours will carry you through to overcome the obstacle.

I remember the obsession to learn Arabic whilst in Egypt I would not sleep except a few hours some nights. I’d wake up to write new sentences in Arabic that popped right into my head.

I was desperate not to waste time. I met some students who had spent three years and were going backwards and forwards in their Arabic. Simply because they did not have a burning desire nor did they learn daily on a consistent basis.

Egypt was definitely a country that made more sick than any other period of my life with the lack of hygiene in food prep, coupled with the heat. But the burning desire did not decrease in any way. I said to myself I am not leaving until I have achieved my goal.

When I took a short break to London after spending nine months in Egypt my teacher Ustas Syed Ali said to me.

”You’re not coming back are you?”

I replied.”Of course I am. Why wouldn’t I?”

Because most students who return to their home country never come back.

I had reached level nine of the Fajr center diploma program and badly needed the break.

The policy at Fajr center was you can take up to two months break consecutively. Anything more than that and you’d have to sit an exam to see if your level of Arabic had dropped if it did you could end up having to repeat a level. So I made the firm decision to return within the two months.

I have to admit when I did spend a week in London I was so relieved. Food that I bought did not make me ill, my friends, football, my area all made me wana stay.

I was tempted to stay.

Things aren’t easy you know in Egypt for a foreigner.

Life is lonely even more so coz I was single at the time. Fortunate are the married. Alhamdulilah been happily married for two years now.

Egyptian food was really not a big hit with me. The lack of variety that I’m used to made it harder. I know I know us westerners we are too used to ease and comfort.

When going and coming back from the Arabic center Arguing with the taxi drivers to not charge me three times the amount. Even the landlord would claim we had not paid the rent for the previous month, internet cafe guy trying to use our internet connect it to three other residents to make a profit.

But without doubt the most difficult part of living in an Arab country is being surrounded by ANGRY people. The same existed in Saudi, Yemen.

I learned when you are surrounded by angry people anger becomes a habit. I actually developed it then thank goodness got rid of it when I stayed a year in China where the people there are very mild tempered. (It was a year of therapy)

Despite the cons I went back. As I believed in finishing what I started.

Thankfully I completed the Fajr center diploma program.

I believe we will face hardship when we want to attain anything in life.

Whether it be finding a spouse, getting an education, financial success because otherwise it’s not worth pursuing. But it’s that passion and burning desire which will carry us over to the attainment of our dreams (goals)

ٌRemember if you want something badly enough in life NOTHING and I mean NOTHING will get in your way.

Thank you for reading this blog

Shajahan Rohman

Author of Get Fluent In Arabic

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You can’t go far aiming low

Award Winning Arabic Learning System

Award Winning Arabic Learning System

I talked last time about aiming low.

Aiming low is a serious problem.

I know many people who aim to ‘‘get married.’’ They set that as a goal.

What’s wrong with this?

If that’s what you aim for (bare minimum) that’s all you may get. You may get married but then not enjoy married life. Because you made it your sole aim to only get married.

You must make it an aim to get married AND have a wonderful relationship.

Analyse the following two persons
Person 1
To get a job
To get married
To go on holiday
To write a book
To be healthy
To earn enough to survive on
To give my children an education
To learn Arabic

Person 2
To get an excellent job
To have a wonderful marriage
To go and enjoy a wonderful holiday
To write an excellent book
To have an excellent healthy body
To earn more than enough
To give my children an excellent education
To become fluent in Arabic

If you look at person one they are setting themselves up to struggle financially all their life due to putting down or having the aim in their mind to earn enough to survive on. If you aim for this you’ll always have JUST about enough to survive on.

Person one wants to learn Arabic. Person two has set themselves a much higher goal to become fluent in Arabic.

When you set yourself a high goal you must have that desire and burning obsession to achieve it. You know how strong the desire is when you are totally obsessed with the aim. It’s always on your mind.

If you’re not then this could mean you dont have a desire for it and need to set something else as an aim.

We need to remember whatever we aim for in life we need to aim well. whatever the aim or goal may be. The prophet said whenever you do something do it with excellence. In other words aim high.

Don’t aim to do the bare minimum. Average aims result to experiencing an average life.

Aiming low is fine if upon reaching that goal you set yourself a higher goal.

Aiming low in life can lead to many struggles, such as struggling to maintain your marriage, your health, your spirituality, yourself financially.

Thank you 🙂

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So let’s toss aside our low aims and reach higher.

(Author of Get Fluent In Arabic)

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Mistakes Are Your Teachers

Are you an Arabic student  avoiding making mistakes whilst you try and learn Arabic? If you’re trying to avoid making mistakes then you are avoiding learning for mistakes equals learning.

In school, the grade A students  are the ones who make the least mistakes.

Unfortunately, the opposite is true in language learning.

As I have mentioned in Get Fluent In Arabic that the ones who make the least mistakes
develop their language skills slower than those that have not.

If you’re waiting around for the day that you never make mistakes before you start speaking Arabic then you’re waiting for an event that will never happen.

So go on throw yourself at the deep end, speak Arabic and make mistakes sound stupid, don’t be afraid to be laughed at, speak even if you don’t make any sense speak even if you make a million mistakes don’t worry.

As you learn grammar and speak and practice the grammar in your speech your mistakes will decrease.

Thank you for reading this blog please reshare it if you found it to be beneficial.

Moniur (Shajahan) Rohman
Author Of Get Fluent In Arabic