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I have written this blog to provide quality content to students of Arabic. I often see a lot of students spend years on end learning the basics of Arabic.

Many give up thinking that it’s too hard to learn Arabic. The problem is they just Don’t know how to.

This blog explains ways to improve your Arabic as well be both educational inspiring for students who want to learn this beautiful language.

To start learning Arabic read my blog My Plan To Fluency and Focus On The Process.

You could print the My Plan to fluency and use it as a template guide you follow to learn Arabic. It makes learning Arabic simple that if followed, along with the advice in my book Get Fluent In Arabic will no doubt lead to fluency,

Thank you for visiting Get Fluent In Arabic 🙂



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  1. Awesome works, my dear friend! It’ll give many benefits to people who wish to learn Arabic. For me, both Arabic n English aren’t my own languages, but I love these a lot. I wish to speak, to read n to write in these languages well. You’ve motivated me, to get fluency in Arabic n English. Jazakillah khoir! 🙂

  2. Getfluentinarabic,
    Thank you for following my blog
    I have enjoyed some of your entries already and look forward to reading more about your experiences teaching Arabic (which we share…)
    simply a note that your links to My Plan to Fluency and Focus on the Process on this page did not work for me…
    happy blogging!

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