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كيف تكون أكثر انتاجا؟ (How To be more productive)

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أما أن تستخدم وقتك ألفارغ والا سيمربك

Either you use your free time or it will pass you by

Use your free time before you become busy – Prophet Mohammed

One of the key ways to get ahead in your Arabic and life is really looking at how we spend your free time.

1.Keep your curtains open

Worse feeling in the world for me is to wake up 11:30 in the morning knowing the whole day has passed me by.

I hated when this happened on my weekends off from Arabic college.

So keep your curtains open and not closed. The sun will wake you up. Position your bed so the sun light is directly in your face.  Richard Branson did this to get up earlier so it must work. My tip make sure your bed ain’t too comfy coz then you are more likely to laze about and wana stay lying in.

2.Plan your day and tasks/goals the night before

I felt horrible when my weekend finished knowing I had not accomplished anything ما أنجزت شىء ma anjastu shayun

Set at least two goals for the day that will affect your Arabic get a diary and write them down in Arabic.

Also list the daily tasks you need to do for the day.

Notice I used the words tasks and goals separately. I think goals are things that you wana achieve such as, getting the job you wanted, writing a book, learning Arabic etc setting up your business.

Tasks are the mundane things you gotta do as necessities

like paying the bills, emptying the bin getting groceries. They are not achievements.

In your daily diary make sure you have at least two goals daily.

Goals are related to your spiritual, social (marriage relationships,) financial, health development

3.Travel the country using Arabic

I had a friend of mine who went travelling around Egypt with his English speaking friends. The problem with this is they all spoke English. Everyday he’d go out and chill with them. He traveled around various cities in Egypt with his friends.

In ten months he got up to level 5 of the Fajr center. He should have gone up to level nine or ten but he sadly made this mistake.By all means travel. Best is to travel by yourself so you can speak Arabic all the time with locals, or take an Arabic speaking friend. Please don’t take an English speaking friend with you.

Here’s an amazing tip to develop your speaking in Arabic

You know how people when they travel around countries and they shoot videos of themselves whilst they walk the streets. They commentate on what they see, their experiences, they make comments like this place is dirty, or things are noisy here. Like a video vlog. Why not do this in Arabic? If you’re camera shy just show the place and record your voice. You could turn the videos into travel diaries. You’ll be speaking Arabic all the time and be training yourself to think and speak Arabic. I just thought of this whilst writing this blog post LOL. You know what? Ditch the Arabic speaking friend idea. All you need is your phone camera your voice and live your adventures and record them in Arabic. Wow technology is so amazing!

4.Interview others for your vlog I wish smartphones were more widespread in 2008 when I went. Why not interview other locals in Arabic. If it’s local business just say هذا تسويق تجارتك hasa tasweeku tijaaratik this is marketing your business

5.Listen to Arabic on your way to and from places or waiting for bus, doctor etc download u tube vids onto your phone if you won’t have any internet when you leave home

6.Move time 7 minutes forward if you are like me سيد دقيقة الاخيرة syed dakikatul akhira (mr Last minute) who tries to make it to Arabic lessons at the last minute you need this.

Move the time on your phone wrist watch all clocks in your house forward by seven minutes. You’ll hurry hurry like you normally do but forget that you have a spare seven minutes. You should be able to make it to your classes with five to six minutes to spare.

For More productivity tips check out How To Be Productive & Achieve Your Dreams

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