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Survival Arabic At A Cafe

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You’re at a cafe in an Arabic speaking country. Nobody speaks English. It maybe suprising to some but I have met some Arabic students who after two years living in Egypt just point to pictures on the menu.

I mentioned in my book Get Fluent In Arabic that before heading to Egypt I focused on being able to speak basic everyday fusha Arabic. My friend focused on grammar. His goal was to try and score the highest score on the entry level exam. There were a problem with this approach. One, he was too afraid to go out as he could not speak Arabic to the taxi driver to the guy at the local groceries. There’s a saying ”fear only makes your world become smaller.”  He spent a good  few weeks practically indoors. Only going out when I went out. It’s amazing how small your world can become when you can’t speak the language of the people with whom you are living amongstBeing able to speak the language and eat the food you’re used to is definitely a way to stay sane being away from home. i guess you could turn to Google images and show people the food you want but it is still a crutch. Here are a few survival sentences I learned before heading abroad. I will post other survival sentences in upcoming posts.

أريد التونة شطيرة

Uridu tuna shateera I want a tuna sandwich

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أريد ألقهوة

uridu qahwa I want coffee


 أريد كعكة ألشوكولاتة

Uridu caaka chocolata I want chocolate cake


أريد عصير ألبرتقال

uridu asirul bortugaal I want orange juice


tdownload (3)

بكم؟ becum how much?

All you gotta do is go on google translate and type the desired food you wana order and put it after the verb uridu and you’re good to go! Remember knowledge not acted upon is soon forgotten. Use whatever you learn immediately!

Thank you for reading this blog 🙂

Shajahan (Author Of Get Fluent In Arabic)

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Author: Get Fluent In Arabic!

Assalam alaikum everyone! I'm glad that over 400 people have now downloaded Get Fluent In Arabic and benefited from it. I love travelling and have traveled and lived abroad in China (most recently in 2014) and Egypt 2009 to learn Arabic. Writing is my passion. It's the means for me to be my creative self. A special thank you to Sara Amin (Formerly Rose Adams) for her thoughts on Get Fluent In Arabic. The first ever step by step self help guide. Feel free to check out her thoughts here.

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