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Goal Setting Can Change Your Life

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Rocket Arabic's Amazing Award winning system

Rocket Arabic’s Amazing Award winning program

I have to admit in 2008 when I came across the concept of goal setting it changed my life for the better.

Some of you have probably heard this before but for those of you who have not please set your goals.

Why You Need Goals? 

They’ll push you to achieve things you’ve never done.

Reduce depression. One cause of depression is having nothing to do. Ask yourself what you want and set that as your goal. Don’t be happy with working so you can pay your bills set higher goals. Such as investing, going on family holidays.

Reduce regret You really don’t wana look back at your life and wonder what you did with it. Aim for nothing and you’ll hit it everytime.

Feel great Everyday set yourself one or two small goals that help you achieve the big goal. You’ll feel a sense of achievement. Set your goals the night before.

Eliminates confusion I’ve come across many people who are wandering around lost, confused as to what to do with their life. By simply asking yourself what you want from life and writing all your wants as a list and setting them as goals you’ve now given yourself a purpose and solved the problem of feeling confused.

Keep a diary At the end of each day write down what you achieved and account yourself for the time you’ve been given. This will help you analyze how you spend your days which will help you see how you spend your life. I used to not use a diary on my free days off from work I’d feel terrible for not accomplishing anything. A direct result of not setting goals and keeping a diary to keep track of time. By not setting my goals on my days off from work. This meant having empty time doing nothing. Which lead to doing nothing.

The time would end up being filled up with useless activity such as spending hours on end browsing through my phone doing nothing. It’s actually one of the biggest time suckers! If you’re gonna browse through your phone ask yourself why you’re doing it? What are you gonna achieve by doing it?

Since 2013 I’ve really started to take goal setting seriously and have achieved more in my life such as finding my wife, writing books, travelling and more than I did in the previous 20 years of my life.

Goals are things you want in your life. A spouse, car, home, financial success, a language you wana learn.

Get a pen write down your goals and then identify one step you can take and commit to taking one small step everyday.

Remember everything you have achieved in your life came as a result of setting it as a goal. Whether it be exam grades or otherwise. Everything has a goal a purpose the cells organs in your body to video games. What’s your goals?

“Give me a stock clerk with a goal and I’ll give you a man who will make history. Give me a man with no goals and I’ll give you a stock clerk.” ~ J.C. Penney


Author: Get Fluent In Arabic!

Assalam alaikum everyone! I'm glad that over 400 people have now downloaded Get Fluent In Arabic and benefited from it. I love travelling and have traveled and lived abroad in China (most recently in 2014) and Egypt 2009 to learn Arabic. Writing is my passion. It's the means for me to be my creative self. A special thank you to Sara Amin (Formerly Rose Adams) for her thoughts on Get Fluent In Arabic. The first ever step by step self help guide. Feel free to check out her thoughts here.

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