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How To Make Powerful (Dua) Prayer

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Do you believe in the power of dua?

Do you really believe in its power?

Many people seem to have abandoned the making of the dua?
It seems like they no longer believe in it.

I was recently reading a book The Secret and it completely made me understand dua even more.

The prophet would make dua even for a shoelace that needed repairing.

Here’s how you can bring power to your duas and make them a reality.


Make dua for things you really want badly and desperately
People make dua for things they don’t actually care about. Remember when you were a teenager and you wanted to pass your exams really really badly. Ask yourself how much feeling did you have in your dua, how involved were you in it how connected did you feel to it, how badly did you want that grade and make dua for it?

The Quran talks about the person who is so desperate stuck at sea  an atheist and then when all hope was lost they made sincere intentions with full feeling and desperation  called upon God to be saved and the dua was accepted that’s the level of desire for the dua you need to have and feeling you need to have when you make  your dua but that can’t happen unless you really really want that thing you’re asking for. the man got answered as he really wanted to stay alive.

How badly do you want what you’re asking for? If there isn’t a strong desire for wanting what you’re asking. You need to ask for something else.


Bring feeling into the dua
Imagine you have two beggars  coming up to you and asking you for money one of them displays no emotion no enthusiasm no feeling and  just says, yes can I have some can I have some money please.

The second one explains oh please I desperately need the money I am in such a difficult situation please help me please help me please help me he displays so much feeling so much emotion so much desperation you can feel it and see it yourself out of the two which one are you likely  to give the money to?
When you make dua which one of the two are you?
Robotic duas are not going to go very far.

3.Don’t ruin your dua
A person says I’ve made dua but it doesn’t work and God says you’re absolutely right it doesn’t work for you.
There’s a hadeeth about someone who keeps on making dua until they become very impatient and then say it’s not getting answered.
The bigger the thing you’re asking for the bigger the dua needs to be. In the book the secret when a person says it does not work they are answered with no it does not work.

4.Provision is not limited
Many people have this feeling and thinking that there is simply not enough resources this is false but true if you believe that this is the case.

I am as my servant thinks of me (hadeeth Qudsi)
If you believe that there’s not enough to go around then that’s what you’ll experience.

An examination of the Quran clearly proves that provision is unlimited.

God provides for whom he wills without limit (surah imran)

If all of mankind were to ask and I gave them what they wanted it would not decrease my Dominion accept the amount a needle takes when it is taken out of water. (Hadeeth Qudsi)

This proves that all of mankind will to be given every single thing they wanted the wealth of God would not decrease at all.

So what you are looking for a house, spouse, wealth it’s even less than a needle it might be big to you but it’s even less than the amount of water on a needle needle to God.

Look at the number of stars in the sky look at the number stars in space and try to count them.You can’t its unlimited. We may be limited God is not.
A company expands when it makes more money.
The universe expands because it’s provision is being expanded.
For expansion to occur provision must expand.

So hold the belief that you can get what you want in unlimited quantity from the one who has no limit. If you need a reminder just look around you at creation.
Spend ten minutes contemplating on the Stars the moon’s planets the galaxies the creation of the creation in the sea the creation of the earth animals New animals and species that are being discovered everyday, new new inventions that being invented by humans inspired by God.

You don’t Have to be in salat for this just get on the floor in sajdah with Wudu and ask beg for what you really want. God loves those who ask him and becomes angry when we stop.

6.Complain a lot
What! Yeah complain about your problems. But not to creation to the one who loves hearing complaint. God.

Creation hates complaints. So if creation hates Complaints who should you be complaining to?
If you’ve worked in a complaints department you know how horrible it must be having to listen to people’s complaints one after another. When Yaqoob complained about Yusuf he complained to God not to anyone else. Complain and ask God for better things to replace the complaints.

7.Last third of the night

Are you someone like me who sleeps late after two sometimes?

Utilize this time! There is a hadeeth that says God comes to the lowest heaven saying is there any person who would like to be forgiven? Don’t think this means just forgiveness this is a time to ask for anything you want!

This does not mean you have to do wudu, pray tahajjud coz if you’re lazy you don’t have to do that.

You could before sleeping late lie on your bed on your back and ask for what you want. Just make sure you feel the dua.

3 simple practical steps for powerful Dua (prayer)

Step one:Ask 

Believe and know you can have whatever your heart desires. Make it a habit to ask.

The bigger the thing you want the more duas you will have to make to get it. Think about it asking for guidance to find something you’ve lost such as your wallet is not as big as asking for a beautiful house now is it?

Step two:Believe 

When you make dua Believe it has been answered and at that moment believe you have received it in the unseen. It just has not shown up in the seen world yet.

Each time you make dua see it like you’ve deposited money in the bank it’s there deposited but you can’t see the money but you know it has been deposited.  You don’t need to know how it’s gonna happen. This shows a lack of faith. How it’s gonna happen is for God to do not you.

Just believe it will. When I wrote Get Fluent In Arabic  I didn’t know how I was gonna write it.I just believed I would.

Step 3:Receive

Once you’ve made the dua feel happy smile and relieved you have made it.

Abandon your robotic duas you’ve been making as a kid and start asking for things you really want.

Thank you please re share if you found this  beneficial 🙂

Shajahan Author Of Get Fluent In Arabic


Author: Get Fluent In Arabic!

Assalam alaikum everyone! I'm glad that over 400 people have now downloaded Get Fluent In Arabic and benefited from it. I love travelling and have traveled and lived abroad in China (most recently in 2014) and Egypt 2009 to learn Arabic. Writing is my passion. It's the means for me to be my creative self. A special thank you to Sara Amin (Formerly Rose Adams) for her thoughts on Get Fluent In Arabic. The first ever step by step self help guide. Feel free to check out her thoughts here.

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