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Taught by the pen


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I can’t help but notice something as I write more and more I learn more and more.

It’s stated God teaches man by the pen. Taught man what he did not know.

I guess that’s why when we brainstorm ideas by grabbing a pen and paper ideas start flowing to us.

I now realize it’s not just others who learn by the pen through books and received tuition but we learn too. Well, that’s been my experience.

The more various sentences I tried putting together in Arabic the more I learned.

Try it. For your Arabic learning get a notepad and use it for writing up experimental sentences for the vocab you’ve learned. You’ll discover for yourself new styles phrases you could not have thought of otherwise.

Then run the sentences with your teacher to make sure they make sense.

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Author Of Get Fluent In Arabic


Author: Get Fluent In Arabic!

Assalam alaikum everyone! I'm glad that over 400 people have now downloaded Get Fluent In Arabic and benefited from it. I love travelling and have traveled and lived abroad in China (most recently in 2014) and Egypt 2009 to learn Arabic. Writing is my passion. It's the means for me to be my creative self. A special thank you to Sara Amin (Formerly Rose Adams) for her thoughts on Get Fluent In Arabic. The first ever step by step self help guide. Feel free to check out her thoughts here.

2 thoughts on “Taught by the pen

  1. I definitely respond well to the written word, but sometimes I get too tied up in the writing and calligraphy that I forget to practice using the words with other people.

    I like your blog!

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