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4 Fail Proof Ways To Learn Arabic!



”I learned to speak Arabic faster thanks to Get Fluent In Arabic!– Aleesha Khan

Assalam alaikum guys,

is Arabic really hard to learn? Does it take years and years?

People ask me when they hear me speak Arabic after an interpreting session how I learned it. It’s pretty simple. Just follow the process below.

1.Set goals 

There’s a saying aim for nothing and you’ll hit it every time. A lot of students want to learn Arabic but they don’t set a goal. They rely too much on the teacher. Before I started learning Arabic I set a goal to read write speak Arabic fluently. You can’t hit a target that you can’t see.

Listening Goals:First Understand children’s cartoons, religious lectures, to eventually understanding the news such as BBC Arabic.

Speaking Goals:speak everyday Arabic the same level that cartoon characters can speak such as Pokemon in Arabic captain Majed etc.

Reading Goals:First understand children’s Disney comics, short stories, basic religious books, novels, newspapers and then poetry.

Writing Goals:Write basic sentences, short SMS messages in Arabic, full conversation in SMS, short stories, essays, poetry using balagha.

2.Make a plan

Once I set the goal on a plain piece of paper I wrote down how I’m gonna achieve it. This was a plan of steps I need to take in order to achieve my goal. Whilst abroad a lot of students don’t have these two vital components to their Arabic education. A goal and a plan. This is one of the main reasons why many jump around from one institute to another, from one course or teacher to another. If you follow and implement this plan and the process I outline in my book Get Fluent In Arabic you’ll achieve fluency.   A goal without a plan of how you’re gonna achieve the goal will always be a fantasy. A bank robber sets a goal to rob a million dollars and then plans how he’s gonna do it. When you go on holiday you set the destination and have a plan of how you’re gonna get there what you’ll need as well as a plan called a itinerary. Guys please set your goal and then your plan.

3.Set a deadline

BUT! There’s one more step. You must set a deadline You won’t believe how many people I came across who have spent the best part of 10 YEARS still learning Arabic at a basic level. This is in an Arabic speaking country like Egypt where they are surrounded by the language. I gave myself from May 2009 to June 2010. Looking back I realize I could have completed my studies faster had I given myself less time. This is based upon Parkinson’s law the more time we give ourselves to do something the more time it will take to complete the task. The less time we give ourselves to do something the faster we’ll get it done by. You need to have a date you plan to complete your studies. No deadline you won’t get it done. I missed my deadline by a few months finishing my studies in August instead of June. But it’s better to miss the mark by a few months than miss it by years. Below is my initial plan I had against my wall to read and implement on a daily basis. Feel free to use it as a template to help you with your Arabic.

4.Make Arabic a part of your everyday life

Because I was abroad it was easier to do this. But whenever I listened watched something online to entertain myself I’d make sure I’d watch it in Arabic. Each time I’d speak I’d make sure it was Arabic, and any reading material had to be Arabic. Below is my initial plan I had against my wall to read and implement on a daily basis. Feel free to use it as a template to help you with your Arabic.

Goal: attain fluency by completing al Fajr center’s 14 level Arabic language diploma program.

Deadline become fluent and finish the diploma program by June 2010

Plan Listen watch Arabic cartoons 30 – 45 everyday. Anything I watch online or on tv MUST be Arabic. Listen to Arabic lectures whilst cooking, cleaning house, showering bathing.

Speak Arabic daily with flatmates who were not native speakers. Put up sign and discipline self speaking English is not allowed. Speak Arabic on italki conversation exchange with others. If you like to talk to yourself start doing it in Arabic.

Read Arabic daily Arabic Disney comics, read children’s books as pictures will give you an idea of what is happening. with time I’ll pick up the meaning of the words.

Write Arabic join a what’s app Arabic group and message people in Arabic. Also use audio option on what’s app to practice speaking with members. Write shopping lists in Arabic.

New vocabulary put into sentences as this makes it easier to remember Aim to complete 200 hours of listening to Arabic. 200 hours of speaking Arabic, 200 hours of reading Arabic and 200 hours of writing Arabic. Read lesson text before lessons. Use Google translator to check out meaning of words so teacher does not have to spend time explaining. Believe it or not I saved a total of five hours per level doing this one simple step.

Grammar – Test my understanding of grammar by using it in sentences. Repetition is the key to developing your language skills.

Repeatedly listening to Arabic, speaking, reading and writing Arabic is the way to become fluent. Remember, language fluency is based upon how easily you are able to use the four language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Which is a direct result of how many hours you have repeatedly listened to spoken read and written Arabic.

So there you have it.

Four simple steps to learn Arabic

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For more information on how you can become fluent in Arabic faster please check out my book Get Fluent In Arabic or you can get the US ebook on kindle for UK kindle users feel free to click here.

Thank you for reading my blog 🙂 Wasalam alaikum

Shajahan (Author Of Get Fluent In Arabic)

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Watch why I love Get Fluent In Arabic – Sara Amin

Author: Get Fluent In Arabic!

Assalam alaikum everyone! I'm glad that over 400 people have now downloaded Get Fluent In Arabic and benefited from it. I love travelling and have traveled and lived abroad in China (most recently in 2014) and Egypt 2009 to learn Arabic. Writing is my passion. It's the means for me to be my creative self. A special thank you to Sara Amin (Formerly Rose Adams) for her thoughts on Get Fluent In Arabic. The first ever step by step self help guide. Feel free to check out her thoughts here.

8 thoughts on “4 Fail Proof Ways To Learn Arabic!

  1. As salaamu alaikum,

    Subhan’Allah, this is so motivational considering that I am a beginner Arabic student. Jazak’Allah khair for all the advice! I, too, am learning Arabic in Egypt.

  2. احبّ العربية ايضا. لست من عرب، انا من اندونيسيا، لكنني تعلمت العربية الفصحة. جزاك الله خيرا
    مدونتك جيد جدا😊

    • أشكرك لتعليقك يبدو انك تتحدثين ألعربية باطلاقة
      ألامر ألعجيب أنت لم تسافرى الى احدى البلدان ألعرب نتعلم من هنا أن ألحب يقود الانسان الى هدفه مهما كان لغته

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