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How To Get Serious About Your Arabic?

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Assalam alaikum everyone,

When I returned back to the UK I started teaching people Arabic for free.

I was excited to teach them Arabic without using English immersing the student into the Arabic language.

In Islam intermediaries are not a good thing. They most certainly are not when it comes to using an intermediary language.

Check out the Berlitz section of my book Get Fluent In Arabic for more details of why using your mother tongue to learn Arabic will only inhibit the learning process.

The free lessons did not last long as students would turn up late, not do the homework assignments, forgetting their classbooks, not even bring pens notepads. (By the way these were grown men.)

It’s just a basic fact of life that free things are never valued.

The more harder it is to get into a certain college the more higher the standards are likely to be. And the more easily readily available something becomes the less valuable and lower in standard it is likely to be right?

I’ll admit that for years in my area we had this gym for young people such as myself. Me and my friends would go to the gym talk for most of the session do 15 minutes worth of a workout and then leave.

Suddenly as soon as the youth worker announced a fee of $5 per session for using the facilities our attitude changed. We started to talk less,  and get on with the main purpose of why we were attending the gym in the first place.

Ask yourself are you looking for cheap or free ways to learn Arabic?

A simple step you could take to make yourself more serious is to start paying for your education. This does not mean spending thousands and thousands of dollars.

After failing my level six half term exam paper scoring a miserable 13 marks out of forty. My initial reaction upon seeing a red circle with a thirteen above a forty was to quit. But then I realized I’ve already paid for the course I need to finish it. And more importantly,  I need to pass the final exam to avoid repeating the whole level again.

If you’re a person who is studying by themselves casually put some money down for lessons and you may see your level of seriousness rise up a few notches.

for more feel free to check out Get Fluent In Arabic

Thank you for reading my blog 🙂

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Wasalam alaikum



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How To Use Your Phone For Arabic

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Assalam alaikum,

even though I went abroad to Egypt six years ago to learn Arabic when I remember my phone I was using whilst there I feel like a veteran. It was the Nokia 3210. A phone so old King Hendry the eighth used it lol.

Nowadays people are so fortunate.

As phones can now do more than allow you to call people.

So how can your phone allow you to use it to maximise and speed up your Arabic learning process?

These ideas might be obvious but hey I didn’t have these opportunities when I was 23.

Thanks to the smart phone you can,

  • Record your lessons. Online or offline. This allows you to replay the lesson in case you missed something the teacher said. If you’re studying in a group class online some institutes record lessons for students who missed the lesson audio and visual.
  • Join whats app chat groups to practice your Arabic writing skills. Having an Arabic keyboard on your phone allows you to write messages in Arabic to people worldwide. You can even send voice messages and call people on whats app for free.
  • Hold conversations online with other learners on language exchange websites. Much better than using a laptop.
  • Carry your class books as PDF files or ebooks on your phone so less for you to carry
  • You can make notes on word documents using Polaris office 5
  • Receive automated reminders about your future lesson days and times on SMS or email.
  • Access online learning videos, lectures Arabic reading material (newspapers etc)
  • Being able to check the meanings of words online. Much faster than flipping through pages

This means thanks to your smart phone you can practice for the first time all four languages skills easily. Forget your house you can now practice them on your bed.

A decent internet connection and voila you’re ready to go. You can even receive the same tuition you’d receive without having to travel abroad and at a fraction of the cost.

So if there are no barriers to learn Arabic what’s stopping us?

If anyone has any other ideas a smartphone can help others learn Arabic faster  please feel free to add in the comments below.

Thank you 🙂

wasalam alaikum

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Thank You Mosquito!

review 3 Excellent book. Having studied Arabic and other languages, this book was an eye opener as to where I was going wrong. With regards to Arabic I could read and write, but my listening and speaking skills were not fluent. After reading this book I now know which steps to take in order to advance my Arabic and can even apply the principles to other languages I have learnt, but still not mastered. Thank you very much for your kind comments. Now you gotta just apply the knowledge inshallah

Feel free to check out Get Fluent In Arabic here


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Thank You Mubz!

Thank you

Assalam alaikum,

I’d like to say a special thank you to Mubz for the following words about Get Fluent In Arabic!

This is a good book of the author’s Arabic journey: what worked for him and what didn’t. The advice that he gives and resources reviewed are invaluable. I agree with him that the grammar first approach is very artificial and not helpful in gaining proficiency in a language. Thank you once again I really appreciate your kind words. 🙂

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Thank you L. Clifford

I’d like to say a big thank you to  L Clifford for the following words about Get Fluent In Arabic which you can review

review get fluent

L Clifford

Recently my boss promoted me and with that promotion came a duty of overseeing a project largely centered in Egypt, because of this I needed to learn Arabic fast. I didn’t exactly have a big budget for this, so after browsing around I found “GET FLUENT IN ARABIC!: How Some People Attain Fluency Faster Than Others”… and I have to say that it turned out to be a great choice. The guide is informative, instructional, practical, filled with a variety of helpful ways to learn Arabic fast and get you fluent in a useful way. The book offers everything from help with pronunciation to grammar and everything in between. It’s an awesome book that certainly gave me the tools to get me fluent in Arabic very quickly. Overall, well worth the purchase.

I’m really happy that you found Get Fluent In Arabic useful and wish yourself the best in your studies. Keep practicing 🙂



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Make interesting sentences

salam alaikum everyone,

hope you’re all well.

If you’ve read Get Fluent In Arabic you’ll know why I stress you make sentences with any new vocabulary.among the many listening, speaking, reading and writing exercises it contains.

But there’s one problem.

Disciplining yourself to making sentences can be repetitive and boring.

How do you make it interesting?

How do you continue to discipline yourself to an exercise which you could carry on doing week in week out?

Simple make the sentences interesting relevant to your life.

When I learned the verb ترك taraka which means to leave something. I used it in the following context.

ضرب محمد زيدا و تركه ميتا daraba Muhammed zaydun wa tarakahu mayitun

Muhammed hit zayd and left him dead.

Interesting and cool I can’t forget that verb and how to use it in a sentence.

Another example

لا يزال عازبا la yazal aazibun

He’s still single.

This was in response to my tajweed teacher who asked me for a suitable groom to which I pointed to my friend he’s. still single.

Speaking and writing are productive skills as explained in the language quadrant section of my book Get Fluent In Arabic.

Whenever you have to speak and write Arabic to save yourself from using the same language again and again experiment and use the language related to everyday subjects you have an interest in.

It could be marriage. I wrote a short story as part of my homework. A guy married a beautiful woman.

On the wedding night he kept on saying mashallah mashallah as he continued to look and admire her beauty.

The story ended like this عندما وضع ألنظرة وجدها متوحشا andama wada annazaratu wajadaha matuwahishun when he put on glasses he found her like a beast. (It’s funny)

Anyway use your speaking and writing skills in subjects that interest you.

Could be health, finance, jobs career this will help you to get out of the monotony of using the same style phrases.

The point is you’ll likely stop learning once Arabic becomes boring. That’s one reason why people do group classes as opposed to one to one sessions as it tends to be less boring.

Thank you for reading this blog 🙂

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Knowledge precedes action

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Asaalam alaikum everyone,

I’ve heard a lot of people say that learning Arabic is hard. It is, if you don’t HOW to learn Arabic. Remember, ”knowledge precedes action.” You should start to educate yourself on how to
get fluent in arabic and then implement the knowledge.

Honestly, learning Arabic isn’t hard when you know how. It however does become hard if you have no passion for it. Then it becomes hard coz it’s a chore.

We always excel in things we have a passion for. Our passion drives us to overcome any obstacles we may face.
A friend of mine has a passion for playing soccer no matter what the weather is snowing rain he’ll turn up for the match.

Learning Arabic should be something you really enjoy and take pleasure from. But it can be made fun I’ll be posting fun ways I use to teach students Arabic in China.