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How can GET FLUENT IN ARABIC help you?

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How can GET FLUENT IN ARABIC help you?

So, How can Get Fluent In Arabic Help You?

Well for starters it does contain my successes and failures giving you the reader the chance to learn from both.

Native Arabic speakers may not be aware of nor address the challenges we face as learners. GFIA (Get Fluent In Arabic) gives you the inside track of what its like to learn Arabic for non native speakers our challenges and provides fast, simple easy & CHEAP solutions.

It’s edutaining! I’ve written the book in a way that entertains you as well as educates you. I didn’t want to make it academic and boring for people.

Do you want to learn Arabic but don’t know where to start?
When I first started learning Arabic, I looked around for self help guides but I sadly couldn’t find any. There’s a self help guide for losing weight, gardening across the board but why is there none for learning Arabic?

I know I thought, I’ll write one.

It’s received a positive review from Aaila magazine. ”I recently came across this excellent book and couldn’t stop reading it.