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Monday was a great day for me as I received my first review on my book Get Fluent In Arabic!

I was really quite chuffed. Yeah getting good reviews from my friends, family is great. But it doesn’t mean the book is excellent. Not until I got a few testimonies from a few readers who bought & read my book.  And of course this week Aaila magazine endorsing Get Fluent In Arabic. The feeling was amazing when I Read the praise for Get Fluent In Arabic from  Aaila magazine like

”An excellent book that makes so much sense.”


”I recently came across this excellent book and couldn’t stop reading it”

There’s no word to describe it! I’m even more certain loads of people can benefit from Get Fluent In Arabic!

Helping people with their Arabic through teaching Arabic is fun and great. But the number of people I help is limited by class space and me as a person as there is a limit to my time. Producing an E book, where the information is recorded which shows people why and how some people attain fluency faster than others and BHAAM I can help educate potentially millions. It doesn’t matter what age year time it is. As the lifespan of a book is potentially forever. After reading the review of Aaila magazine which can be read here,  I believe Get Fluent In Arabic can benefit people throughout the ages and  since it’s an E book it can be accessed by anyone almost anywhere in any country.

I’d like to thank Summaiya Umm Imran, the editor of Aaila magazine for taking the time out of her busy schedule to review the book.

Many people say learning Arabic is really hard. Learning Arabic isn’t hard when you know how.