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Why I wrote Get Fluent In Arabic?

Assalam alaikum everyone,

Welcome to Get Fluent In Arabic blog.

I’ve been to a few Arabic language institutes. And the story is the same across the board. Students are under the impression that if you work hard, memorize your grammar, vocabulary you’ll become fluent in Arabic.

Many people such as myself took such advice. I successfully completed Madinah book one and two. Even scoring an A in the exam.

I spent the years of 2005 to 2008 studying Arabic. I couldn’t figure out why I progressed so slowly. What was even more frustrating was seeing other friends of mine such as Omar who had no schooling progressing faster than me. The full details of how the story goes is found in my book under the chapter heading that stupid grin.

It was only when I met my mentor Muhammed Amin who showed me a very different view. As soon as I started discussing and learning from him I experienced a very different world. A world where learning Arabic can be fun engaging and even entertaining. I started experiencing a language that is more vast than being reduced to rules. It’s a bit like driving. You may study the rules of the highway but those rules won’t necessarily teach you to drive.

I came across countless students in the UK and abroad who have been studying  Arabic from five years to twenty years! Still they did achieve fluency.

Upon returning home back to the UK I asked myself, can all the techniques I learned be applied to a non Arabic speaking environment?

I started teaching students as young as seven all the way up to forty years of age. Amazingly they worked!

Whilst I studied for my Arabic language diploma I decided to document down the reasons why some people attain fluency faster than others (the subtitle of my bookI Then I started to plan to write a blog. Why?

Simple. It really hurt me to see so many people having the passion to learn Arabic only to drop out complaining Arabic is too hard.

Then I realized I had more to say which culminated into this book, Get Fluent In Arabic. We have self help books for losing weight, learning to do the gardening, saving money, relationship books why is there no self help guide for learning Arabic? A guide that tells you step by step how to become fluent in Arabic.

By the way the book is available as an E book here

My self help guide is really about two things one developing the right mind set to learning Arabic and two showing you step by step how to attain fluency through the various language development techniques.

I’ve tried to make the book as comprehensive as possible. Tackling problems such as how to memorize vocabulary, correctly approaching listening and reading exercises, forgetting words whilst speaking Arabic, how to measure your progress, how to conjugate from the past to the present to the future without having to rely on anyone. Explaining why a lot of people find it hard to understand grammar & giving you a simple way to approach grammar.

I’ve written the book in a fun, funny, humorous way using conversation English which everyone can relate to, as opposed to rigid academic language. Personally speaking, I’d enjoy reading a book that uses this flexible engaging approach otherwise chances are I wouldn’t read it.

I hope to benefit many of you by what I have to say. This blog will contain short lessons in Arabic, self development advice too as well as other things related to the Arabic language which you hopefully will  find of much benefit.

I welcome you to participate ask me questions about Arabic. Any problems you face learning  Arabic etc. Any topics you’d like me to talk about.

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Thanks for taking the time to read this post :).